Authentic local food with great taste

Take a culinary journey through our Free Tasting Nights: Healthy and Delicious!

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Rimini Food Tasting Experience: Our Free Tasting Evening.!.
  • 5. June 2021
  • 9. September 2021

For a taste of Italy, we have "created" the Free Tasting Nights, where you can taste the best of local, Mediterranean and International cuisine after dinner.

Experience an authentic taste of Italy with a stay in Liverpool Hotel Rimini.

Expect a generous breakfast buffet and, in the evening, after dinner, a feast of proper home cooked dishes, from local Regional specialities to international favourites.

You may think that the piadina looks like the Italian version of a quesadilla.

A thick wrap folded over fresh cheese, cured meats and a sprinkling of salad is toasted on a hot plate until the outside is crisp and the cheese is melty.

It's a damn good snack, made better than a quesadilla thanks to some top notch Italian fillings.

Each Family in Rimini has its own recipe and its own secrets to prepair it.

We love to it with Ham, Squacquerone (a special fresh cheese that we have in Rimini) and Salad; sometimes with Sausages and Onion; or also with Nutella.

It’s one of the world’s most popular foods – and rightly so.

Every Sunday night (after dinner), from 21.40 until 23.00 we like to organize "a pizza party" in the 4th floor of our Hotel.

All of our dough is made fresh daily and we source the best ingredients Italy has to offer in order to bring you the best possible pizza base going.

During the summer our chef delight us with their exciting and tasty proposals with Paella.

We will make you taste the most international Spanish dish (in the Riminese's Style).

During our Free Tasting Nights, we love to prepair Crêpes with Nutella for all our guests and to "live" a sweet evening.

The perfect antidote to a long week at work, and to enjoy much more an holiday in Rimini is to taste our Sangria.

Sangria, it's synonymous with holidays, and in our Hotel you will taste a delicious Drink with a special local Sweet: "La Ciambellina Romagnola".

Bomboloni: Fresh Italian pastries.

Bombolone is a "Ball" shaped doughnuts filled with Italian custard cream.

The dough is made with Manitoba flour that makes it raise slowly and nicel.

You will Love Our Bomboloni.

Savour a taste of Rimini and Italy