E-Bike Tour in Rimini
with Local Guides

Best Way to See and Discover Real Rimini

A wonderful journey to discover the Rimini's cultural tradition riding an E-Bike
  • 15 Mai 2021
  • al 6 September 2021

If you would like discovering the wonders of Rimini and the Adriatic coast, we have organized for you a wonderful experience in the fascinating hinterland of Rimini.

We have created for you ... 3 Beautiful E-Bike Tours (with 3 levels of difficulty) to discover the beauties of Adria with an electric bicycle, (E-bike)

[An electric bicycle, also known as an E-bike, powerbike or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.]

1st Tour: Discovering Rimini City Center (for beginners)
2nd Tour: Discovering the beautiful mediaeval village of Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna (medium difficulty)
3rd Tour: Discovering Verucchio; a fantastic adventure in one of the most beautiful villages of Rimini's hinterland (hard difficulty).

We operate weekly guided bike tours and cultural experiences to suit both first-time visitors and locals alike.

Our E-bike tours are perfect for families with younger children, couples, singles, or those seeking bespoke route options.
Find out all the itineraries below and choose the E-bike Tour you like more!

Bike tours in Rimini | Discover Rimini by bicycle
Between Land and Sea

We offer you a fun local perspective in Rimini by bicycle.
We take you to iconic landmarks and secret gems, our favourite historic pubs & much more.

E-Bike Tour with Local Guides in Rimini
Technical Difficulty - Low

The E-bike Tour in Rimini's City Center is a great choice for those who love to live and discover the secrets of the Old City of Rimini.

The tour connects some of the most famous Rimini's Monuments and it offers a perfect combination of adventure and fun.

During the Bike Tour we will visit the Federico Fellini's district of Borgo San Giuliano; then we will go to the roof of Rimini, Covignano, where we will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view.
At the end of the trip, we will enjoy a good aperitif, watching the sea.

E-Bike Tour with Local Guides in Sant'Arcangelo
Technical Difficulty - Medium

This beautiful bike tour takes you through the pristine beauty of the Rimini's Hinterland.
You will have the chance to discover the beautiful mediaeval village of Sant'Arcangelo di Romagna.

We will visit the ancient Stamperia Marchi, where we will assist the demonstration of the activity of ironing the canvas with the seventeenth century Mangano.
Afterwards we will visit the public Grotta Monumentale (a wonderful cave), and before returning back to Rimini we will visit a local winery for a wine and cheese tasting.

E-Bike Tour with Local Guides in Verucchio
Technical Difficulty - High

A unique selection of trails combining the seaside of the City and the Hinterland.

The tour connects some of the most famous Rimini's tourist attractions, yet most of the time explores the most hidden and remote parts of the Rimini's hinterland: The City of Verucchio and its Castle.

This tour reflects exactly the best Rimini has to offer when it comes to gravity assisted biking. (Offering plenty of stunning views and unforgettable exploring, it truly is an "Unforgettable E-Bike Tour".)

The tour offers spectacular views and exquisite culinary experiences (with a special tasting of Typical Specialities of Verucchio's food).